The UK is an amazing country. This Kingdom romantic landscapes and ancient castles, carefully keeps its rich history and ancient legends, and at the same time - the birthplace of iconic brands, avant-garde rock music and unique street fashion. Misty Albion manages to surprise us again and again: it combines tradition with innovation, and conservative views do not interfere with the rebellious spirit! Modern Britain extends far beyond ascribed to her by stereotypes. That is why in our blog the United Kingdom presented from different angles.

“I have always been interested in Britain. Being a linguist and specialist in cross-cultural communications, working on a few interesting projects in this area. In addition, with my friend and co-author of “Englishness" Cyril we opened a shop English designer accessories Hello London. Each time stepping on the shores of Albion, do not cease to be surprised and to discover something new. Happy to share these discoveries.”

aborigine / aboriginal
fluid / liquid / gas
rad / rem / roentgen / gray / sievert